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Taking Flight: The Journey of Jill Drexhage, Pilot and Entrepreneur

Hey there, fabulous readers! I'm Jill Drexhage, the high-flying mind behind "Oh Shirt and More." Buckle up, because I'm about to take you on a journey from banking to T-shirts, with a bit of aviation and a sprinkle of doggy joy along the way.

A Banking Career That Soared

In my previous life, I spent two decades in the banking world. Starting as a teller, I soared through the ranks and became a branch manager before hitting the big 3-0. It was an incredible journey that taught me a lot about leadership, but I felt the winds of change calling me to new horizons.

Trading Boardrooms for Cockpits

With my private pilot's license in hand, I traded the confines of a bank for the open skies. Flying has always been my passion, but let's face it, it's not the cheapest hobby. However, life's too short not to pursue what sets your soul on fire, right?

Oh Shirt and More: From Custom Tees to a Thriving Business

So, how did a banking pro end up in the world of adult humor gifts? Well, it all started with friends asking for custom shirts. Lightbulb moment: turn this into a business! And just like that, "Oh Shirt and More" was born. Who knew that what started as a creative outlet would become a business that tickles funny bones across the nation?

Embracing the Unknown

One thing you should know about me—I thrive on pushing boundaries and embracing the unknown. Leaving banking without a clear plan might have scared me, but it opened doors to a fun and exciting life filled with laughter, creativity, and the occasional turbulence (literally and metaphorically).

From Bricks to Wheels: The Nomadic Dream

Recently, my husband and I bought a travel trailer, dreaming of a year-long road trip across the US. Now, the challenge is figuring out how to run a product-based business from the road, armed with nothing but a small truck, a trailer, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit. Stay tuned as we navigate this uncharted course together!

Meet Copper: The Four-Legged Coworker

No journey is complete without a furry companion, and mine comes in the form of Copper, the cavalier King Charles spaniel. He's not just a pet; he's the best coworker a gal could ask for, bringing joy and pawsitivity to every adventure.

So, whether you're here for the aviation tales, the entrepreneurial escapades, or just to share a laugh, welcome aboard! Join me in embracing the unknown, pushing boundaries, and soaring to new heights—both in the skies and in life.

Cheers, Jill Drexhage

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